"Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala" Ltd. enters the finals of the competition “German Economy Award in Latvia”

This year, companies offering high-quality working environment studies and contributing to sustainable development of education and economy were assessed and awarded within the framework of German Economy Award competition being held in Latvia.

In addition to the traditional award, a special award MĒS MĀCĀMies for vocational education was awarded this year. By virtue of this award, the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce intends to attract more public attention to the working environment studies as one of the means of acquisition of profession in Latvia, thereby contributing to improvement of the image of vocational education.

Among the five finalists of the competition in Working Environment Studies (WES) subcategory, “Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala” Ltd. and its work were highly evaluated – the company has been caring for improvement of skills of existing and new workers for several years, and was one of the first companies in the printing industry that implemented the idea of the working environment studies.

Personnel Manager of “Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala” Ltd. Aija Āne: “The long-time partner of our company in implementation of the WES project is Riga State Technical School. This is the only educational institution in the country that trains experts in the field of printing industry. Overall, our cooperation has been lasting for at least 10 years, providing students with internship places and the opportunity to work with modern equipment. We offer the best students who successfully apply theoretical knowledge in practice to start a career in our company. Since the beginning of the WES project in 2014, five of the thirteen engaged young people have retained employment relationships with the company "Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala" Ltd. Our next step in the development of the WES project is to start cooperation with Riga Technical College.”


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