Application of ICC profiles

ICC colour profiles

There are different types of papers and there can be obtained different results by printing on them, because the ink differently reacts on the surfaces of different papers. The ink on uncoated paper more penetrates in the paper fibres, but on the coated fine papers it mainly remains on the coating layer. There are many other chemical, mechanical and optical processes, which act differently on different papers. Newspaper printing (Coldset) – differs particularly, because the colour maximally penetrates in the paper and the tone value increase (TVI) is essentially higher that for the magazine printing. When preparing the images for printing, it is important to take into account all these processes!

For this purpose, when preparing the images for printing works it is required to use the respective ICC profiles.

Where to take profiles?

Profiles, which are required for the work preparation for printing in Poligrāfijas grupa Mūkusala, you can download in our home page:

Where the profiles shall be placed?

In Windows workstations the profiles are usually located:


In MacOS X workstations the profiles are usually located:

Library/ColorSync/Profiles or Users//Library/ColorSync/Profiles

How to use profiles?

Profiles are used in the image preparation software and they work converting the image to CMYK colour area. It may be done in two ways:

  1. By installing the correct CMYK profile in the Colour Setting window and converting the images by Mode:

  2. Converting to necessary profile by using the "Convert to Profile" dialog, whis is found at "Convert to Profile" menu.

As to the parameter Intent it would be advised to choose between Perceptual (for photo images) or Relative Colorimetric (for graphical images).

What to do further?

The profile regulates the parameters of the colour division – total colour layer (TIL), tone value increase (TVI), grey component replacing (GCR), etc. In order to keep these parameters, it is not recommended to perform any changes in the image related to the colour adjustment after converting it to CMYK.

When the converted picture is saved, do not include the colour profile in the file. It may be done also the parameter Embed Colour Profile is disabled in the dialogue Save As.